3 Reasons Why Students Should Use Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are a growing trend in the United States typically associated with freelancers or entrepreneurs in small start-up businesses. However, as co-working spaces in NYC merely refer to communal working areas where each person is engaging in an independent activity, it makes sense that people of other statuses can co-work. Recent research has indicated that the use of coworking office spaces is highly beneficial for students, particularly younger students in high school or college. Below are the different advantages to using these coworking learning environments for students.

1. Increased Levels Of Productivity

One of the greatest benefits of sharing a working space is the increased level of productivity being reported. The research was conducted using online learning resources among teenage students, and while teenagers do find e-learning convenient, they tend to become distracted when studying at home. This has resulted in many online students heading to libraries or coffee shops where they believe they will have fewer distractions, only to find that there are more disruptions.

When presented with the option of coworking spaces, there was an increase in concentration and productivity in approximately 68% of the students using the coworking area. This is because they were not in an environment where there were distractions and were placed in a shared space dedicated to learning activities.

2. Increased Ability To Meet Deadlines

Another interesting statistic regarding coworking space and its use among students is that 64% of the students using the space was able to complete tasks according to a deadline. The majority of this was due to increased levels of productivity found by working in a dedicated office space. This was a great relief for students facing project deadlines or who need to complete a research paper without distractions.

While working online is more convenient than heading to coworking space, it does present with higher chances of procrastination. By working in a communal workspace, you will be forced to focus on the project, become more organized, and complete the assignment according to a time chart.

3. Simpler Collaboration

Students who opt to work in a coworking space will find it more straightforward to collaborate with other students on joint projects. The communal office areas tend to have conference rooms that make it easy to connect with classroom teams who are working on the project. One benefit of the online classroom is the ability to communicate with students across the globe; however, this can also be a disadvantage because the class requires team projects as part of the course syllabus.

The advantages to using coworking spaces are becoming well-known in the corporate sector, but they are also being used more and more in academics. As more students choose online learning, there will be a greater demand for these communal working areas.